Legos And The Third Reich

Posted on April 11, 2001 - Society/Culture - 0 Comments

Here is something I bet you never noticed. If you take two sets of lego man legs and position them just right, they form a swastika. To illustrate this I will use four legs that I have modeled in Rhinoceros 3D and arrange them in a way that is doable with real sets of legs.

Lego legs as a swastika

A) Two incomplete lego models to be used in this demonstration.

B) Anatomically correct legs arranged in front view.

C) Side view of figure B displaying swastika.*

Now, is this just a coincidence, or a hidden meaning about Legos? You can make that decision next time your kid is assembling a little car made out of legos.

* does not support the nazi party.


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