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Posted on June 2, 2001 - Arts/Entertainment - 0 Comments
The Birth of Christ

Last night I wandered down to our living room at about 1:00 AM. The television is tuned to TLC, and the show that is playing is Ancient Prophecies. I sit down and watch for a while until this little bit about Nostradamus comes up. They talk a little bit about how he was born sometime in the 1500’s and about his life. They talk about Nostradamus's room where he had most of his vision about the future, while at the same time showing a video clip of him sitting behind the desk writing notes onto a piece of parchment. What happened then would have made me spray Mountain Dew all over my cat if I was drinking Mountain Dew and the cat had been in front of me. In the upper-left part of the screen, a little banner appeared that read

I really fear for our humanity if the stupidification of humans that watch TLC has dropped to the point that they didn’t realize that the color motion camera was invented well after the 16th century.

I just know the only reason that banner is there is because some dunderhead called them up asking how the full motion videos of the volcanic explosions survived the devastation after viewing the special “Pompeii: City of Death.” Much the same way there are signs that tell you not to eat the urinal cakes in public bathrooms. Odds are it was the same guy responsible for both signs.


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