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All right kiddies. Here is a quick lesson on how not to sell your goods on eBay. I was digging through eBay not too long ago looking for this old coin from 1935 Germany since my parents have one just like it in our house. I ended up finding it on eBay, but the photos supplied were so damn awful that I entered into a blood lusting rage of confusion.

Now it isn't uncommon to see a novice photographer take a picture of the item where there is a big old glare across its plastic case which makes the product hard to see, but how in the hell can somebody take a photo that looks like the camera just put down three forty ounce bottles of Camo High Gravity Lager, and yet, still use them with hopes to sell the product. One would think that the first rule of displaying a picture of the product that one is trying to sell, would be to make the product not look like a beer can that Marlon Brando has been sitting on for an hour causing it to melt under the pressure and take on the texture of his ass.

German Coin
German Coin (Detail)

With photos this craptacular, a little help is in order to make this product sell (btw: it failed to sell on eBay), which is why I turned the photos over to the Six-Something department of sales and marketing in the west wing of our complex to see what they could do to help the coin sell. Putting the top five staff member on the case they went to work and decided on a ├╝berleet marketing strategy to sell the coin. Here is what they returned to my office later that day.

Britney Spears Selling That German Coin

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