The Prayer Rug

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This letter came in the mail today.

Mail for me!

I wasn’t sure what to expect opening this letter, but the contents were great! Mail order prayer for pretty much anything you want. And a fee isn’t even required. All of the images have high resolution links to them if you wish to read the small print.

The Testimonials


They lost me right here. I can’t trust anyone with hair that big.

On the backside of Mr. Bad-hair, we have this lady…

Blessed with $46,000!

…who is also full of poop.

The included letter/form.

Letter Page 1

Letter Page 2

The Rug

And finally! The Prayer Rug! You are suppose to look at this thing until Jesus opens his eyes, then make a prayer.

Jesus the Rug

Fine enough, except that it isn’t really a rug, it is a piece of plain printed paper. This “rug” wouldn’t last a day in our foyer soaking up the wet from our shoes.

This Rug is soaked in Prayer Power®

I also don’t like that it is soaked in prayer. I think it may rub off and discolor my socks.

Well. I was going to fill the stuff out, and send it back, but probably won’t. See, my brain kind of rushed in, and took two approaches to the humor, which I don’t think make sense together. And I have standards I need to live up too. But I’ll show my work anyways.

My first idea was to just be simple and fill out the prayer form and send it back. I filled it out, it may or may not be funny. Here is the filled out form.

Filled Out Form

My other idea was pretend that a child got a hold of the rug, and did child like things to it. Here is the modified rug, along with the child’s note.

The Prayer Rug - After

A Note From Sasha

Much more clever I thought, but considering the drawing doesn’t look very childish, and that the handwriting matches the handwriting on the form, these scam artists would be onto me. Remember, I have standards to hold on to.

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