Questions We Hope Are Answered In Life Is Strange: Before The Storm

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Later this week the prequel to DONTNOD's 2015 critically acclaimed adventure game Life Is Strange will launch. Being a prequel, we expect to see much more into the lives of the characters we interacted with and loved during Life Is Strange.

To ramp up our excitement for Life Is Strange: Before The Storm, the staff at has assembled a list of questions about our favorite characters that we hope will be answered during the prequel.

1) Did Frank Choose Eating Beans Over Rachel Amber?

Being a sort of choose-your-own-adventure game, what some players see may be completely different than what other players see. Some scenes can also be completely missed by players if they don't interact with the correct objects.

The lucky players who chose to mess with Frank's beans during Chapter 3 got to see one of the most powerful scenes in the past ten years of both film and video games depicting a man's devotion to his beans.

Given that we know that Frank seemed completely unaware of anything associated with Rachel Amber's disappearance, perhaps it was because he was too busy eating beans? He was obviously devoted to her, so her vanishing was unexpected and devastating to him. But we want to know if Frank's other devotion, beans, somehow prevented him from picking up on any red flags about Rachel Amber's life. Red flags that he could have used to change the trajectory of her story line.

2) Which Kind Of Beans Are Frank's Favorite?

Black Beans? Cannellini Beans? Chickpeas? Kidney Beans? Lima Beans? Pinto Beans? Does he love all beans equally? Or are there some kinds of beans he just can't stand?

3) Is Frank's RV A Soybean Biodiesel?

Frank's RV

Is it possible that Frank's love of beans has gone to the point that he had converted his RV over to biodiesel so that it runs off of soybean oil? We would like to know If he has done the conversion. And even if he hasn't, we would like to know if it is something he has been considering. We need to know the depth of Frank's bean obsession.

4) Does Frank Feed Beans To His Dog Pompidou?

Seems fairly obvious that he would be feeding beans to his dog. Just imagine; after a long day of slinging Molly to the students at Blackwell, what better to do than to kick back in your biodiesel RV, crack open a beer, and share some beans with your beloved dog.

But if Frank is giving Pompidou beans, is he in the know of what kind of beans are acceptable to feed his dog? We would hate to see his best intentions at puppy bonding be dangerous to his dog due to lack of knowledge about canine bean consumption.

5) Would Frank Ever Barter Drugs For Beans?

Frank's Ledger - 200mg Molly: $20

As we can see by Frank's ledger, he will sell 200mg of molly for $20. Say I wanted some molly, but also recently drunk ordered twenty-five pounds of pinto beans off Amazon and was tight on cash due to that purchase. Would Frank be eager to trade $20 worth of molly for $30 worth of beans?

These were the top questions our staff had about the Life Is Strange prequel. On August 31st we can hopefully get some answers to at least some of them. If you have any questions about Frank's relationship with beans that you are hoping get answered, leave them in the comments below.

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