What Is In This Craigslist Van?

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We here at do love the wild world of Craigslist advertisements. From ads that misspell wore as whore; to ads where the seller feels that they need to go on in great detail about what a betraying bitch their ex-wife was. Shopping on Craigslist is always a roulette wheel of WTF moments.

Spin The Roulette Wheel of WTF

Currently on the Duluth, MN Craigslist is a listing for a 1986 Dodge Ram van.

The Van

86 Dodge van perfect for contractor or delivery. Many new parts and ready for work. $2000 firm.

Not a bad looking van for its age. We here at 6SO could probably use something like it to help during our monthly trip to collect stacks of cash that Google pays us from the ads on our blog empire.

The Van: The Seat

The seat looks relatively free of body fluids. After most of the staff was scarred for life by what they saw in the car seats in the aftermath of shooting Operation Omni back in 2001, we like unstained seats in our fleet of vehicles quite a bit.

The Van: The Milage

Only 56k miles! Or maybe it is 156K? Who knows what the actual mileage could be? All we do know is that this is shaping up to be a great van to fill with money. How about we take a peek at the storage area?

The Van: The "Body"

HOLY SH...!!! Is that... No... It can't be? Really? No. What? Oh my god...

The Van: The Storage

Wow! IT IS! It is what we think it is! It is a lot of damn storage space!

See, for some weird reason Ted in accounting demands that all of our payments be made in stacks of ten dollar bills and rolls of nickels. We don't know why, but we just deal with it. Regardless, a stack of ten dollar bills stacked to at an average human body's height will be worth around 160,000 dollars. So with this conveniently placing plastic wrapped dead body for scale in the listing, we can tell that this van will allow us to fit A LOT of the money we generate through blogging into this van.

Just increadible.

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