100% Honest Photo of the 6SO Daily Meeting [6SO] started in 2001 in Duluth, Minnesota by a group of elite bloggers who came together to serve one purpose. To provide you, the reader, with insight and resources to empower yourself to achieve peak core competency in all aspects of your life.

As influencers in all the verticals of the blogosphere, we are sworn to synergize the words from our fingers through a paradigm shift that travels directly into a box. A box that you can then remove the synergized ideas from to deliver a critical mass of out of the box thinking.

We here at 6SO have our eyes always looking towards the future while our feet are firmly rooted in the past. Together we can help you build a better mousetrap to keep you on the bleeding edge of life.

Content is king, and our readers are the loyal subjects we provide a better life for, and that is the truth.


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